Our Services

Primary Care for Adults and Children  •  Specialty Care  •  Nursing Care  •  Gynecology and Family
Planning  •  Dental Care  •  Pharmacy Services  • Social Work / Case Management   •  Mental Health Program for Children and Families  •  Integrative Medicine  •  Free Rapid HIV Testing Non-occupational Post Exposure Prophylaxis (nPEP)  •  Treatment Adherence Support / Care Coordination Violence Prevention  •  Peer Support  •  Coming Home Program  •  Education and Outreach Nutrition Counseling  •  Clinical Trials  •  Legal Services  •  Consumer Advisory Board Clinical Education  •  Inpatient Care

Primary Care for Adults and Children

HIV-related and routine medical care delivered by HIV specialists. Regular patient monitoring and referral to specialty services as needed.

Specialty Care

Neurology, cardiology, gastroenterology, dermatology, endocrinology, and other types of specialized care.

Nursing Care

Coordination of care and treatment regimens, help with pharmacy/prescription needs, health education, and advocacy.

Gynecology and Family Planning

Women’s health care, including family planning, Pap tests, treatment of sexually transmitted infections, and breast exams.

Dental Care

Preventative oral health care, restorative treatments, and routine general dentistry.

Pharmacy Services

HIV medications and over-the-counter products available on site. Free home delivery service within the five boroughs.

Social Work / Case Management

Information and referral for benefits, housing, vocational/educational programs and drug treatment. Advocacy and supportive counseling.

Mental Health

Comprehensive psychiatric and psychological evaluations and management. Individual and group therapy.

Program for Children and Families

Medical and psychological support for young people ages 0-24 at Morningside Clinic. Special activities provided for young adults.

Integrative Medicine

Massage, yoga, acupuncture, meditation and other stress-reduction therapies.

Free Rapid HIV Testing

Confidential rapid HIV testing, counseling and referrals.

Non-occupational Post Exposure Prophylaxis (nPEP)

PEP is a medication regimen to prevent HIV infection in the event of a risky exposure to HIV. PEP is available 24/7 at the St. Luke’s and Roosevelt Emergency Departments, and during business hours at the Spencer Cox Center sites.

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)

PrEP is a medication that has been shown to prevent HIV infection if taken daily. PrEP is available at all Spencer Cox clinics, along with support for underinsured or uninsured patients to obtain this medication.

Treatment Adherence Support / Care Coordination

Client-centered medication adherence, education and support, through home visits and/or services at the clinic.

Violence Prevention

Screening, referral and services for intimate partner violence and/or sexual violence issues.

Peer Support

Inpatient ” friendly visits “, health education, clinic orientation, and supportive listening, provided by trained HIV-positive Spencer Cox Center patients.

Coming Home Program

Medical and supportive services for individuals who have come home from prison/jail and have any chronic disease(s), provided by formerly incarcerated staff and peers.

Education and Outreach

Individual and group health education, prevention, and harm reduction. Participation in community outreach events.

Nutrition Counseling

Weight management, basic nutrition, and counseling on loss of appetite and food intolerance.

Clinical Trials

Access to several National Institutes of Health and industry-sponsored pediatric and adult HIV clinical trials.

Legal Services

Legal Aid offers monthly, on-site legal assistance, free of charge.

Consumer Advisory Board

Committee of HIV-positive patients that provides input on development and delivery of services, builds partnerships, and advocates for consumers.

Clinical Education

Multi-disciplinary, professional education and training programs to clinicians, provided as part of the New York State network of HIV Clinical Education Centers (CEI), and the AIDS Education Training Center (AETC) program.

Inpatient Care

The Center’s outpatient services are supplemented by our inpatient team of HIV hospitalists, who ensure continuity of care when individuals require admission to the hospital, in addition to providing consultation should patients seek emergency care at either the St, Luke’s or Roosevelt Hospital.