Who We Are: History

The Spencer Cox Center for Health is changing how people manage and live with HIV. The Spencer Cox Center is the only healthcare center of its kind – we offer a complete range of services so that patients receive holistic care. We believe that when you treat the whole patient, you heal the whole patient. As a result, our patients live better, longer lives.

For close to two decades we’ve served the most marginalized communities at our clinics at St. Luke’s and Roosevelt hospitals, and, since 2010, at the West 17th Street Clinic. In that time, we’ve grown from 600 to over 5,000 patients and today we are the largest AIDS Center in the state.

All of the Center’s staff are HIV specialists and trained to manage other chronic diseases. Our doors are open to anyone who walks through them. Our patients enjoy a variety of medical services including dental care, behavioral health as well as an on-site pharmacy, which allows them to walk out the door with all of their needs met.