World AIDS Day 2012

The Center for Comprehensive Care will be hosting panels from the AIDS Memorial Quilt at St. Luke’s Hospital and Roosevelt Hospital from November 27th until December 7th. Founded in 1987, The AIDS Memorial Quilt is a memorial, a powerful tool for use in preventing new HIV infections, and the largest ongoing community arts project in the world. Virtually every one of the more than 40,000 colorful panels that make up the Quilt memorializes the life of a person lost to AIDS.  As the epidemic continues claiming lives around the world and here in the US, the Quilt continues to grow and to reach more communities with its messages of remembrance, awareness and hope.

Hosting Locations Included:

Roosevelt Hospital          St. Luke’s Hospital1000 Tenth Avenue           1111 Amsterdam Avenue New York, NY 10019         New York, NY 10027 To learn more visit

Photo by Janet Prasad